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Xeno ST02 Agressive Strike Bezel for SF/Xeno lights


Model: XENO ST02 V2
Name: aggressive strike bezel
Material: 304 high-strength stainless steel,precision machining by CNC lathe & milling machine.
Color: milk white with black laser logo
With 4 teeth:
the first tooth--Shark blade with 4mm diameter of Shark's eye
the second tooth--Eiffel Blade ( idea from original object-Eiffel Tower)
the third tooth--Eagle Blade
the forth tooth--Space Blade (idea from original object-Spacecraft)
XENO TWST is XENO ST02 V2's package, as well as a diffuser, diffuse and soften light, works great as camping light, working light, emergency signal light. (XENO TWST only sold together with ST02 V2, can't be sold seperately)
Fit: XENO G10, G5, F8, F7, E06; Surefire 6P, 9P, C2, C3, G2, G3,Z2, Z3, L5
Size & Weight of TWST (standard enclosed a lid):
N.W.: 1.37 oz(39g). Height: 2.5’’(63.5mm). Diameter: ?1.4’’ (36mm).
Size & Weight of ST02 V2:
N.W.: 0.7 oz (20g). Height: 21.2mm. Diameter: ?1.25 inch (31.75mm).

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  • Model: ST02
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  • Manufactured by: Xeno

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