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TW02 2 in 1 Diffuser and Bezel removal tool for (SureFire and Xe


Precision CNC machined from POM.  Will turn your light into a lantern perfect for reading, camping, or signaling.  At the end of the diffuser is a wrench to help you remove and replace a SF or Xeno bezel ring.

Fits: SureFire 6p, C2, G2, Z2 and similar lights.  Also fits Xeno G10, F8, F7, E06, G5 etc. *The grooves in the plastic of stock surefire bezels are definitely a decent amount smaller then the removal tools grooves. I was able to tighten the ring from a stock surefire c2 pretty tight on one of my lights, and I was able to unscrew it with a removal tool without too much trouble. The trick is keeping things level, and applying a good amount of downward pressure. The bezel removal tool doesn't fit into the grooves it simply rests on top and dips into them a little. Don't think its possible to make a tool that fits both the grooves in the S/S bezels I sell, and in the stock surefire ones perfectly. Also heating up the head of your surefire light, loosens up some of the glue or whatever surefire uses, and allows the ABS bezel to be removed easier.

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  • Model: TW02
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  • Manufactured by: Xeno

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