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M3T-LED Drop-inTower XP-L LED (1 Mode) for Surefire M3T M4 M6 M9


LED Drop-in Tower XP-L LED (1 Mode) for Surefire M3T M4 M6 M971 M972 M981 M982 

New version with updated XP-L W2 Bin LED.  2016 version is also now M4 Compatible
3.6-13v regulated input voltage
  • High Output Cree Xp-L W2 (800 Lumens max output)
  • 3.6v to 13v regulated input for maximum battery use flexibility
  • 1500mA max current output
  • LED selected using an integrated photometric sphere to have a warmer color temperature (5000-5500K)
  • Precision machined aluminum Lamp assembly
  • Pre-focused for the ultimate spot
  • Compatible with all flashlights that use the M-series Xenon lamp assembly
Compatible with:
  • M3T, M4, M6, lights with KT4 Turbohead
  • M971, M972, M981, M982 Weapon lights
Lumens factory
  • Seraph SP-6, Sp-9 with M adaptor installed with Serph M-series Turbo head for tower type drop-in modules
1 x AW17670 (1600mAh): ~1 hour
1 x AW18650 (2900mAh): ~2 hours
2 x CR123a Primaries: ~2 hours
2 x AW RCR123 (750mAh): ~2 hours
3 x CR123a Primaries: ~3 hours
3 x AW RCR123 (750mAh): ~3 Hours
2 x AW 17500 (1100mAh): ~2.5 hours
2 x AW 18500 (1500mAh): ~3 hours
2 x AW 18650 (2900mAh): ~5.5 hours
3 x AW 18500 (1500mAh): ~6 hours
4 x CR123a Primaries: ~5 hours
6 x CR123a Primaries: ~6 hours
6 x AW RCR123 (750mAh): ~6 hours

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  • Model: M3T-LED NW
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Lumens Factory

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