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LED Module for EOTech Streamlight Insight M3X, M6X, LAM-1000, AN


LED Module for EOTech Streamlight Insight M3X, M6X, LAM-1000, AN/PEQ-14 ILWLP (SIMX-LED)

This listing is for a new LED drop-in upgrade module for the Insight/Streamlight/EOTech M3X, M6X, LAM-100 Series, LAM-1000 Series, AN/PEQ-6A ILLM, AN/PEQ-6, AN/PEQ-14 ILWLP.

No modifications necessary, just switch the old incandescent lamp assembly out with this LED module. Full drop-in and reversable to incandescent stock at anytime. Recoil Dampening Spring, Reverse Polarity and Thermal Warning Protection.

SIMX-LED High Output Single Mode LED Tower Module (6.0V Regulated Output) Specs:

-High Output Cree XP-G2, S5 LED (Max Output 350 Lumens)
-6V Regulated Output
-Maximum Current Output at 700mA
-Selected using Integrated Photometric Sphere to have a Neutral White Colour Temperature (5000K-5500K)
-Precision Machined Aluminum Lamp Assembly
-Every Lamp Assembly is Pre-Focused for the Ultimate Spot
-Built-in Reverse Polarity Protection
-Built-in Thermal Protection Warning
-Recoil Dampening Spring

Compatible with:

Insight / Streamlight / EOTech


AN/PEQ-6A ILLM (Light Module, Integated Laser)

LAM-100, LAM-150
LAM-200, LAM-250
LAM-300, LAM-350 (H&K USP)
LAM-400, LAM-450 (H&K Mark 23)

LAM-1000 (AN/PEQ-14 ILWLP)
LAM-1200, LAM-1250
LAM-1300, LAM-1350 (H&K USP)
LAM-1400 (Mark 23 AN/PEQ-6)
LAM-1450 (H&K Mark 23)

And all lights using the Insight/Streamlight/EOtech CFL-120 lamp module.

***NOT Compatible with M2 UTL, M3, M3-LED, M4, M4-PRO, M5, M6 TLI***


2 x CR123A Primary Cells: ~2.5 hours

***This LED module can ONLY use 2 x CR123a 3V non-rechargeable batteries. Do NOT use 16340/RCR123's Li-ions and LiFePo4s!***

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