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TW02 2 in 1 Diffuser and Bezel removal tool for (SureFire and Xe


Great little two-in-one tool! I was advised to use boiling water to loosen up the adhesive Surefire uses to keep the stock ABS plastic bezel ring in place, but, I'll admit I didn't follow what I was told. That wasn't a problem, however, because the grip this tool gets on the Surefire bezel rings makes quick work of getting the stock rings undone. I was able to undo an ABS plastic Surefire bezel ring in less than a few seconds thanks to this. Now I no longer have to use the bottom of a rubber shoe and pray no paint comes off around that area on the bezel. Life just got easier! It works just as well reinstalling a Surefire bezel ring and the metal Xeno bezel rings EDC+ also sells, which I bought a couple off and installed using this same tool.

As a diffuser it's actually really quite nice. You don't get much light coming out of the tip due to how its designed, but it makes a nice diffuse emitting of light from your Surefire (or Xeno) all around you. If you're a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) this tool may be THE one thing you should add to your bag or squad car just in case (it'd be awesome for directing traffic OR when you need to light up everything around you, rather than what's in front of you).
Date Added: 01/19/2013 by Tucker O'Brien
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