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High Quality Ranger Green Xeno HD70 Cordura Case for 6p/c2 and s


The holster accepts P/C/Z/G lights bezel up or down, but I found it to be more compact and secure bezel down, less flashlight width at the top means the flap doesn't need to stick out so much. Just personal preference though. I tested it with 6P which obviously is fine. Also the Z2, as sometimes its rubber grip ring can get friction-stuck on the inside of a holster, but not in this case, all good. I also tried the C2 which fits fine.

Something to note is that it has some rigidity to it, specifically the back and flap. If you imagine a cheaper nylon holster, like maybe the Fenix one that comes with a TK10, it wouldn't be hard to roll it up or squash it into a ball. With this holster that wouldn't really work (unless you push a lot harder). I can probably explain that better by saying that without a flashlight in, it can still stand on its own.

On the back there is a belt loop and also a separate button down flap for PALS/MOLLE attachment. The belt loop fits my 5.11 1.75" belt, and looks like it might go to a 2" as well. It's quite secure and tight and doesn't seem like it will be bouncing around if you run with it on the belt, or attached to a pack. The back on the holster being rigid seems to help a lot with the stability.

All in all, the best holster for SF 2xCR123A sized lights :)
Date Added: 05/15/2012 by Nick Alcock
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