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Redilast P18650-2900 (2900mAh)


The Redilast 2900mAh battery's last every bit as long as any 3400mAh cell. I have 2 of these battery's and several Redilast, AW, and Orbtronic battery's that are 3400mAh and most of the time the 2900's last a little longer between charges. Strange but very true! So now im buying all 2900mAh cells that are a few bucks cheaper and last longer. Redilast 18650's are very, very good battery's. From my experience their better than the AW battery's that all the forums praise about! Don't get me wrong, AW's are good but NOT AS GOOD as Redilast. These battery's have never let me down and I've had 2 of the AW's fade out in a few weeks so I sure don't know what all the hype is about.
Date Added: 12/23/2014 by David Goodrow
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