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Black Xeno E03 with XM-L2 Neutral White T6


this is the absolute best value flashlight ever. I've given/gifted a few of these NW Xeno E03s to friends because they're just so good and easy to use! of course, not everyone is a flashaholic, so they don't want a complex light; they just want something that works well and is bright. That's what you get with the E03 line (and any Xeno, really). It goes from Med-Low-High (in that order). On a 14500, the 'High' and 'Medium' modes in indiscernible from each other as far as my eyes can tell, which is fine, because it's more than enough light. I have also never had any clicky switch problems with the five or so E03 lights I've bought from EDC+ over time. I highly recommend this light to even the snobbiest of flashlight enthusiasts to the most BASIC of light users (who just want what works). A+ Xeno!
Date Added: 04/10/2012 by Tucker O'Brien
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